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I’m mother of a 4 year old toddler and I’m living with my family in a small town in England. I really miss my friends and family back home, and to fill this void I keep myself busy exploring, learning, and having fun with my family.

I’m new to this blogging and youtubing world. And I’m totally excited about it, hoping that I’ll love every second of it. This little corner of the Internet started with my interest in making our family travel videos and sharing it with my friends and family in Facebook and WhatsApp, and over the months I realized that most of my friends and family really appreciate my work and suggested me to start my own travel blog or YouTube channel. I would say that today I’m able to start this blog and my YouTube channel because of their push and motivation. A BIG THANKS TO ALL OF THEM.

This blog aims to share moments in my family life that inspire happiness and postivity. I’ve kept motto of this blog EXPLORE, LEARN AND HAVE FUN with Baby Bitsy. You must be thinking who is Baby Bitsy? You will soon read about it. Also, I forgot to mention that I’m not a good writer, just trying to express my thoughts to my readers, who are spending their precious time in reading my blog. Thanks!



One day I was showing some photographs to my toddler, which I had clicked when we went to a nearby park. And I asked her did she remember the visit? She said, yes and insisted me to show all the photographs.  I showed her all the photographs and asked her what she was doing in each photographs? The answers which she gave made me realized that she was telling  a beautiful story about each set of photographs, whether it was a visit to park, or bowling alley, play date with her friend..etc. Just then this idea came in my mind, why not pen down her words and add them to each photographs, so that I can remember what she was thinking and doing while I was clicking the photographs. It reminded me of the comics books which I used to read a lot in my childhood. And about the craze which kids had for different comic characters all around the world. So,  I thought why not do the same for my toddler.And this is how the idea of Baby Bitsy toddler comic characters came in my mind. 

Thanks for reading this blog. If you want to stay connected with me then subscribe my YouTube channel.

Baby Bitsy is a toddler who loves exploring this beautiful world. 

It is truly said, ‘If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child, we could see the magic in everything.’

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