How to throw an ultimate Peppa Pig theme Birthday Party

We all know that toddlers are crazy for Peppa Pig so for their next birthday why not give them the ultimate Peppa Pig birthday party! Here is the sneak peak at Baby Bitsy’s 3rd Birthday party.

Decorating home is always fun and it gives me peace of mind and satisfaction. Also this awwes the eyes of every guest coming to your home. Parties organized at home need more efforts specifically theme based birthday parties. We’ve celebrated my daughter’s first birthday in India and the theme was ENCHANTED THEME. Later we shifted to London and we celebrated her second birthday at home. At that time she was more facinated about animals, so I selected the JUNGLE THEME. I decorated our home and it was very much appreciated by all our guests, specialy children who attended the party. This year again, we’ve celebrated PEPPA PIG theme for her 3rd birthday party with our family and friends! Cannot wait to share how everyone enjoyed the decoration and games we planned for the party. Some glimpse and detail of decorations follow:

Peppa Pig birthday party invitation

Peppa Pig Backdrop

Peppa pig backdrop

For backdrop similar to the above picture, you’ll require a complete wall or a part of it in your living room. And I guess you’ll agree with me that the most catchy decoration in this backdrop is Peppa pig house.

Peppa Pig House

Here are the steps to build a Peppa Pig house.

  1. You would require a yellow poster roll. I love doing craft work, so I ordered a 760mm ×10m poster roll from Amazon. I got a set of three colors (Yellow, blue, and green.)
  2. An empty cardboard box.
  3. Red, light blue and white A4 sheets. I got a set of colored sheets from Amazon.
  4. Golden lace (optional) and poster colors for painting the roof.

Refere the below grid showing how to make a Peppa pig house.

For the roof, I painted white sheet with red color as shown above, alternatively you can use red color sheet. And to finish the look I used golden lace for the roof corners and the door.

You can also see this video for reference.

Duck Pond

The Duck pond and the ducks are very famous in Peppa pig episodes. Mrs. Duck and her friends usally pay the Pigs a visit whenever they go on a picnic. 

Here is the list of items you would require for it’s preparation.

  1. Blue poster roll.
  2. A rectangular cardboard box and a separate rectangular cardboard for the top.
  3. Bubble wrap for giving water look.
  4. Cutouts of ducks or you can draw them.
  5. And a thin cardboard for ducks.
Duck Pond

Birday girl/boy name alphabets.

Peppa pig alphabets

These are the quickest ones as you would just require some printouts for these, you can get Peppa pig printout from Pinterest.

Clouds and the Sun

Sun and the Clouds

You would require a yellow and white sheets for it. For clouds draw shape of clouds on a white sheet as per your choice and cut it. For Sun a round circle and 4 long and 4 short strips. And it’s DONE!

Apple Tree and Polly Parrot.

Apple tree

Adding a tree will give it a natural look and for that you would require below things.

  1. Green poster roll for branches.
  2. Cardboard for tree stem and branches.
  3. Brown paper or crepe paper for stem.
  4. Red chart paper for the apples.
  5. Parrot cutout. Any printout or you can draw as well. I choose the one from clipart.
Branches and Apples

Peppa pig and family.

Peppa and George
Mummy and Daady pig with Polly Parrot.

For Peppa pig and family I’ve used the cutouts and download the images. And to make a fancy dress for Peppa and mummy pig I’ve used glitter.

Peppa wearing lovely dress

Peppa wearing lovely dress

For this I used my daughter’s pink Teddy bear and made it wear her 1st birthday dress. I know you must have also treasured your kids birthday dresses. And made her wear Peppa mask. First I thought of buying a Peppa plush toy, which I found a bit costly, so I used this idea.

Peppa Pig puzzles


I used my daughter’s Peppa pig puzzles for decoration. It’s easy, just build the puzzle and put the puzzles in a cellphone sheet.

Peppa pig collection of storybooks

Peppa pig collection

I got these books for my daughter this Christmas as a gift and she loves reading these books especially at bedtime. These small storybooks are handy and you can easily take them anywhere with you in your bag or kids bag.

Peppa soft toys

Peppa, Teddy, George and Mr Dino

Balloon modelling

I also tried to do some balloon modelling. To gel with the theme I tried to make TEDDY and Mr. DINOSAUR.

Green Hill, blue Sky, white Flowers and 3D Butterflies.

I’ve used the blue poster roll for sky. The one I’ve used is a bit dark in color, you can also go for the sky blue color as per your choice.

For ground I gave it a hilly terrain look as you would have definitely noticed that Peppa Pig’s house is on the hill. And for that I’ve kept the house on top of a box and covered it with green chart paper.

Hill for Peppa House

For flowers I used the artificial ones available at my home. And 3D butterflies from Amazon.

Flowers and 3D Butterfly

Pink wall decoration

Pink wall decoration

I’ve used pink shades of balloons, honeycomb balls, pom pom, paper fans and swirls. Check out below video if you want to make your own pom pom balls with tissue paper.

Activity for your toddler.

If your toddler loves colors and painting then this activity will be fun for them. Baby Bitsy loves coloring and especially painting, so it was fun task for her to make her own birthday collage .

Peppa Pig collage painted by Baby Bitsy.

You can get Peppa coloring book from Amazon or download the coloring printables. When I was searching for materials I got through a wonderful blog by Michelle. She has done a brilliant job of providing printables for Peppa pig party. I would like to thank her once again.

I found a lovely 24 color poster set from Hobbycraft. Sit with your child and encourage her work. Check out Baby Bitsy’s painting videos in YouTube.

Happy Birthday Banner

Birday banner

I got this banner for my daughter’s second birthday and reused it for her third birthday.

Optional Wall decoration

Wall decal

This beautiful WALL DECAL from Amazon was an icing on the cake. It’s very lively and premium quality wall decal for your living room. I had placed it on my walls before my daughter second birthday and it’s still intact and vibrant. So, I took advantage of it and added below given Peppa pig pictures and a rainbow to the wall.


Cake table decoration

I used party banners, pink round table cloth and Peppa pig table cloth for decorating the cake table.

Peppa Pig Party Games

Who doesn’t love a party game? Peppa pig pin the tail and throw the ball inside Peppa’s mouth was fun. These games are suitable for kids of all age groups, you can increase or decrease the game difficult level as per their age. 

Make Peppa eat

Feed me

For this game you need to prepare a box as shown above and make a hole in Peppa’s mouth.

How to play: The player need to stand at some distance away from the box and had to throw small balls inside Peppa’s mouth. The one who throws maximum number of balls in minimum time wins the game. You can decrease or increase the difficulty level for toddlers by making them stand near the target.

Baby Bitsy still like to play this game more often.

Pin the tail

Pin my tail

For this game I’ve drawn a big Peppa figure except the tail, you can take printout as well. Separate tail and adhesive tack.

How to play: The player has to stand blindfolded in front of the poster and then he has to pin the tail. Whoever places the tail correctly in minimum time wins the game.

Muddy puddle jump

For this game you would just need some brown papers and cut them in the shape as shown or you can take the printouts.

How to play: Write numbers on them equal to number of players. If there are 10 kids then write numbers 1-10 on each paper. Now spread these muddy puddles on the ground and play music. Ask the kids to dance and jump on these puddles and as the music will stop, they have to stand on any of the muddy puddle. Now you have to randomly announce one number, whoever is standing on that number gets the prize. I gave small trophies as prizes and all the kids were extremely happy. Keep on playing this game until all the kids gets the prize. Keep it the last game, so that all the kids gets prizes and feel HAPPY HAPPY 😊.

Winning trophies

Welcome Drink

The welcome drink PAYASAM was served as ‘Rebecca Rabbit Carrot Drink’ which was liked by everyone. Kids were bit concerned before picking up the glasses thinking it might not taste good as it’s a Carrot drink, but for all of them the flavour was a real surprise. It was YUMMY!

If you are hosting a Peppa Pig party, I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration. If you like this blog, please share and subscribe our YouTube channel.

Continue reading Page 2 if interested in Rebecca Rabbit Carrot Drink Recepie.

Carrot Payasam Recepie

prep time 15 mins, cook time 25 mins, total time 40 mins 

Carrot payasam is a creamy and smooth payasam made with carrots, sugar and diary milk.

Course: desserts, sweets

Cuisine: south indian

Servings: 10-15


  • 1/2 kg medium to large carrots (gajar), peeled and chopped roughly
  • 10 to 15 green cardamoms (choti elaichi), powdered and crushed or 1 teaspoon cardamom powder
  • 1 liter diary milk
  • 1.5 to 2 cup sugar (depending on the sweetness of the carrots)
  • handful of cashews (kaju), halved or whole
  • 3 to 4 tablespoon oil or ghee

Learn how to prepare.

  1. boil the carrots in enough water till they become soft and completely cooked.
  2. when the carrots are warm or cooled, blend them adding 1/4 cup water in a blender.
  3. Warm milk before mixing carrot.
  4. mix the carrot puree, milk, sugar in a pot or kadai and keep on low flame.
  5. gently heat through and occasionally stir.
  6. don’t bring the mixture to a boil.
  7. just let it get heated.
  8. when you see steam vapours floating on top above the payasam, switch off the fire.
  9. in a small pan, heat oil or ghee.
  10. first add the cashews and when they start to change color.
  11. on a low flame, fry the cashew till they turn light golden or golden and the raisins swell and become golden.
  12. pour this whole mixture and cardamom powder into the carrot kheer and stir.
  13. serve the carrot payasam hot or warm or cold.

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  1. Shilpi says:

    It is awesome and creative.well done and keep it up.


    1. Baby Bitsy says:

      Thanks a lot for your appreciation ♥️


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    Beautifully described and picturized …… Wholsome family activity …. Wonderfully blogged


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    Lovely decoration

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    Feeling very happy 😊

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      Thanks a lot Ritu, for your kind words and appreciation.


  6. Diksha says:

    Wonderful decor ❤️ can you tell me how to do the background sky and grass??


    1. Baby Bitsy says:

      Hi, I have used blue chart paper for sky and green chart paper for grass.


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