Jungle Theme Birthday Decoration

Baby Bitsy’s 2nd Birthday party at home.

Last year I had celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday at home. I had put a small effort in birthday party decoration using available stuffs at home. So, just thought of sharing some ideas with you all for your kids upcoming birthday party.

JUNGLE THEME Decoration as toddlers loves animals.

Soft toys, jungle animals, christmas tree and lights, flowers n pots, crepe paper green n brown, balloons, long waste chart paper for tree which u get in amazon boxes, printouts of animals, welcome n birthday boy/girl name, some wall decals and artificial leaves(you can make ur own with green chart paper too) from amazon as per your budget, photographs and left over craft work if u have any. For more details please continue reading.

Here is the link from Pinterest which I used to download the jungle theme ALPHABETS for printout. My daughter’s favorite was the cute ANIMALS WALL DECAL which I bought from Amazon.

I made this one using artificial flowers which I got from Amazon, which I think is a good add on item to your decorative items list. You can use these lovely vibrant colors flowers for decoration in different occasions.

As my daughter’s birthday falls just after Christmas and New year, so Christmas tree came handy and I simply decorated it with tree animals and birds cutouts.

Hanging Swirl
Jungle theme cake
Beautiful wall decal

This beautiful WALL DECAL from Amazon was an icing on the cake. It’s very lively and premium quality wall decal for your living room. I had placed it on my walls before I decided the theme and luckily it matched with the Jungle theme.

Welcome To Jungle Safari DIY LETTERS and party props.

I ordered this DIY LETTERS from Amazon which I think is a very good add on item in your decorative items list. You can customize it for any occasion or daily motivational quotes. Party props added fun in party, it was liked by kids as well as adults.

Picture collage using artificial leaves

Make a collage of your kids pictures, I used artificial leaves and flowers which I got from Amazon. If you have budget constraints then you can also use real leaves or use green chart paper to make leaves.

Happy birthday BACKDROP and Jungle theme ALPHABETS and animal toys.

Happy birthday BACKDROP is from Amazon and name alphabets printout from Pinterest. I’m sure if your kid loves animals then most of these toy animals you must be already having at home. It’s a good idea to use their available toys in the party theme.

Thank you for taking the time to look through this post, I hope you have enjoyed seeing how we celebrated Baby Bitsy’s 2nd birthday and its left you feeling inspired for your upcoming party. Do let me know your views or any further queries, if any.

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