How to track your baby 1st year milestones?

Watching how your child develops and reaches new milestones is one of the most exciting things for mom.Every kid has different pace for reaching monthly milestones. So, don’t worry!  Just enjoy motherhood.

I would like to share baby Bitsy 1st year milestones(see photographs, click on continue reading). If you are a mother of new born baby than this post will definitely help you in tracking your baby milestones.You will definitely enjoy looking at all the milestones chart the day your baby will celebrate first birthday.

There are different ways to document your baby first year milestones like writing down in a diary, baby scrap book, taking photos etc. I liked the idea of taking baby photographs on every monthly birthday and then writing down the achieved milestones on the monthly birthday picture, see below photographs, I did the same for my daughter.

You can have a quick glance at all the milestones in this video.

1st Month Milestones

  • Favorite activity: Drinking milk
  • Loves staring out of the window
  • Grumpy grunter
  • Loves eye contact

2nd Month Milestones

  • Starting to COO.
  • Loves sleeping in arms and lap.
  • Gets excited to see smiley on wall, stares bright and colorful light.
  • Sleeps at night for 4 to 4.5 hours at a stretch.
  • Comfortably doing tummy time for 5-10 minutes.
  • Started to balance head for some time.

3rd Month Milestones

  • Looks at us and maintain eye contact.
  • Recognize us at a distance.
  • Can briefly calm down.
  • Moves eyes in all directions.
  • Acts bored if an activity doesn’t change.
  • Turns towards sounds.
  • Make smoother leg and arm motions.
  • Begin’s to smile at people.

4th Month Milestones

  • Responds to affection.
  • Brings objects to mouth.
  • Smiles spontaneously at people.
  • Holds and interacts with toys.
  • Cries in different ways to show hunger and sleep.
  • Pushes up onto elbows when lying down.
  • Likes to play with people and sometimes cry when playing stops.
  • Reaches for toys with one hand.
  • Holds head steady unsupported.
  • Recognize people and things from distance.
  • Greater hand eye coordination.
  • Watches people’s face intently.
  • Track side to side movements with eyes.
  • Copies some movements and facial expressions and babbles.

5th Month Milestones

  • Makes sharps sounds to show joy and displeasure.
  • Stand on legs with support.
  • Tries to lean forward in sitting position.
  • Moves legs while standing with support and tries to walk.
  • Likes to play with others.
  • Distinguishes between familiar faces vs. stangers.
  • Annaprashan sanskar (semi liquid food tasted for 1st time)
  • Responds to sounds by making sounds.
  • Explored new objects by placing them in mouth.
  • Moves in bed by pushing legs up and forward.
  • Laughs at funny faces, activities, and sounds.
  • Easily rolls from front to back.
  • Shows affection when cuddled.
  • Started eating semi solids.

6th Month Milestones

  • Enjoys looking in the mirror.
  • Begings to say consonant sounds.
  • Looks around at nearby things.
  • Shows curosity about things and tries to get things out of reach.
  • Begings to pass things from one hand to another.
  • Begings to sit without support.
  • Doesn’t seems stiff or floppy.
  • Shows affection for caregivers.

7th Month Milestones

  • Puts things in mouth.
  • Moves things smoothly from one hand to another.
  • Sits without support.
  • Afraid of strangers.
  • Watches the path of object if it falls.
  • Clingy with favourite adult.

8th Month Milestones

  • Responds to own name.
  • Picks up things like cereals between thumb and index finger.
  • Plays pee-ka-boo.
  • Stands, holding on.
  • Has favourite toys.
  • Understands ‘No’

9th Month Milestones

  • Makes lot of different babbling sounds.
  • Begins to push forward, almost a crawl.
  • Copies sounds and gestures of others.
  • Looks where you point.
  • Looks for things you hide.
  • Pulls to stand.

10th Month Milestones

  • Is shy or nervous with strangers.
  • Cries when Mom or Dad leaves.
  • Has favourite things and people.
  • Bangs two things together.
  • Crawls.
  • Put things in container, take things out of the container.
  • Explore things in different ways, like shaking, banging, and throwing.

11th Month Milestones

  • Shows fear in some situations.
  • Puts out arms and legs to help dressing.
  • Plays games ‘hide and seek’.
  • Searches for things we hide.
  • Looks at right picture and things when named.
  • Gets to a sitting position without help.

12th Month Milestones

  • Repeats sounds and actions to attention.
  • Responds to simple spoken requests.
  • Use simple gestures like ‘bye bye’, ‘ clap your hands’, and ‘stamp your feet’.
  • Make sounds with change in tone.
  • Says ‘mam mam’, ‘pap pap’.
  • Tries to say words we say like ‘shoes’, ‘socks’.
  • Uses fingers to pont at things.
  • Cruises along the furniture.
  • Takes a few steps.


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