Indoor Fun: BOWLING

A visit to Bowling with Baby Bitsy.

Bitsy had fun time at nearby Bowling center. As a toddler it was her first visit there, and she liked it so much that after coming back home she wished for her own bowling pins and ball. Read below to know more….

Bowling pins and Ball for kids to play at home.

You must be thinking WHAT do 10 pins and a big heavy ball have to do with small kids? Let’s find it out from bitsy’s experience.

Bitsy was so excited for her first visit to a local bowling alley, where her parents had planned a small get-together with family and friends.

It took no time for Bitsy to understand the game. She loved throwing the ball without much help using the Ball ramps.

You can see one of the type of ball ramps in the below picture. Ball ramps allow individuals who are unable to throw a bowling ball to participate in bowling. You can also use bumpers  in bowling for young children and beginners in which the gutters of the bowling lane are covered, so that wayward bowling balls thrown by the participant will stay on the lane.

Kids will get a feeling of accomplishment every time they rolls the 6-pound ball (least heavy) down the lane. With bumpers on either side, they can avoid the ill-fated gutter ball. Kids can gain a sense of control and learn that they can direct the ball according to their release point.  This helps in hand-eye coordination and balance. And everytime their ball will knock down they will get  an instant boost of self-confidence, even though sometimes it will be just one pin.

And if your child has entered kindergarten then they can do simple maths, like how many pins are knocked down or still standing.

Bitsy after rolling the ball stood there and patiently kept looking at the seemingly endless alley for pin crushing action.

And she jumped in joy and  does her victory dance every time the ball knocked down. Not only bowling there were so much other fun games to play in the Arcade.

Arcade gaming stimulates and soothes the mind in ways that routine exercise cannot in both adults and kids.

So next time when you’re looking for something new, consider a trip to the local bowling alley. And if it’s not in budget, then you can get bowling games to play at home. Bowling is a great indoor fun game which can teach your kids sportsmanship, hand eye coordination, colors, patterns, counting, simple maths, confidence, and patience.

So, all of you Ready, Set, Bowl!

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