Outdoor Fun: A visit to Goffs Park, Crawley

The best days end in dirty clothes.

What is your most treasured memories of childhood play? Independent play, outdoors and far from grown-up eyes, is what we remember, right!

Bitsy too loves going outdoor, especially parks with friends. Here is what she learned when she visited a nearby park some days back.

Take a walk with your child and let them show you wonders of the world.

A visit to Goffs Park, Crawley

Walking is the best exercise for kids, try to avoid strapping them to their buggies.

Stop every now and then. Just stop and enjoy. Take a deep breath, relax and take in abundance of life.

Watching toddlers making friends for the first time can be a delight. First friendships are a good way to introduce your kid to empathy and other positive values.

Toddlers aren’t going to stroll over to a strange child in the park and say, “Wanna play?” So it’s up to you to set the stage for them. Playdate in a park worked well for Bitsy.

Playing outside is a great stress reliever for both you and your children. Bitsy loves to “fly high in the sky” on the swings and she insists on climbing the rock wall all by herself.

Hope, you liked Bitsy’s visit to a park. If you live near Goffs park, Crawley, and you plan to visit the park then you might see Bitsy running around.

Outdoor fun, like visiting to park will keep your kids physically, mentally, and socially fit. So the next time you’re wondering if it’s worth the effort to take your kids to the park, remember that it’s not only entertainment you’re providing, but so much more!

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